Popspring is a private consultancy in Woodinville, providing software and product services to companies big and small. Popspring is available for custom development and consulting and specializes in software and systems conception, program management, design and implementation.

Popnoggin, a Windows program for kids, turns all computer time into learning time by adding pop-up challenges to any game, web page or video. Popnoggin solves the "screen-time" problem by making all computer time academically valuable.

Remote for iTunes is an application for Android devices that controls iTunes on your Mac or PC. Chime Time turns your Android phone into a chiming clock or tower. Created jointly with Hyperfine Software, Remote for iTunes is available from Google Play Store.

YouMob is a social bookmarking site that combines ranking, live communication and viral mob-rule. LookWho is a web service that helps people meet at spaces or events. Created jointly with Hyperfine Software, YouMob and LookWho are available online.

Popspring is available for film, video, audio and multimedia productions through the Vacuous Pictures brand. Vacuous provides in-house studio and location production services for short format, narrative and commercial projects. Contact Vacuous for more information