Interpair is a simple cloud-based device pairing service. With it, two clients can exchange pairing information using a dynamically generated PIN code. This service provides a simple alternative to complex network discovery protocols.

To use Interpair, one client posts information via an interpair.net URL parameter, and receives a numeric code in return. The other client can then retreive the information using the code.


load= The text to load into your dynamic pairing record. Text may be formatted in any way. URL-encode to support special characters and formatting.
time= The timeout period, in minutes, for the pairing record, after which the pairing record will be permanently deleted. (default = 5 minutes)
length= The length of the pairing code in number of characters. (default = 5 characters)
redirect= Whether (with redir=1) the response to retrieve shall be an http redirect instead of a text response. (default = 0)
maxcount= The number of times the code may be retrieved before automatic deletion. Specify zero (0) for no maximum. (default = 0: no maximum)
code= The numeric code used to retrieve the information, which is delivered as either an http text response or an http redirect.


Load: http://interpair.net?load=
Retrieve: http://interpair.net?code=82898
Load XML: http://interpair.net?load=%3Chookup%3E%0A%20%20%...
Retrieve XML: http://interpair.net?code=65305
Long code: http://interpair.net?load=
Short timeout: http://interpair.net?load=
One retrieval: http://interpair.net?load=
Load redirect: http://interpair.net?load=http://google.com&redirect=1
Retrieve redirect: http://interpair.net?code=19606